completes with xinno's web based business application

Security. Security. And more Security. 

Protect your online business and customers with the ultimate in systems security. Encoded into all our systems and every eShop (eCommerce website) is an industry standard solution used in major banks and corporate firms. XShield Pro is a Seven-Tiered Data Base Management System with partitioned user information encryptions; third-party systems lock-out; Level III Firewalls; internet orders and payments with secure SSL certificates; Total Security Servers; and Xinno's VirtuaX Servers throw off any would-be hackers. All RedX systems and servers have separate Backup Servers with undisclosed storage locations.

Some of our competitors use various 'open source' models to make their websites and the databases because it's cheap. Unsecured open source solution providers are infamous because customer information and files can be accessed like a public, shared domain and hacked into fairly easily if targeted. Obviously, this is very dangerous only when it comes to your responsibility to protect a customer's personal information, but ultimately, for the integrity of your entire business. Xinno's eShop Software is a completely proprietary program, which means only you have access to your company's database and customer information.